Academic Freedom at University to research controversial subjects

19th February 2019

This case is about academic freedom. It is a case of vital importance and is of wider public interest.

Academic freedom is a facet of a free society, intellectual development and societal growth: Rationality and reason are engaged in this case.

Mr Caspian is a psychotherapist with a high reputation in the field of gender transition and gender dysphoria; he has published on transgender psychology. He has worked at a private gender clinic; and as for two years a Trustee of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

Mr. Caspian’s initial research proposal entitled ‘An examination of the experience of people who have undergone Reverse Gender Re-assignment surgery’ was approved, but was later revoked due to, inter alia, concerns about trans-activists opposition. The university stated their decision was one of academic judgment.

James was denied permission for Judicial Review on a procedural technicality; the case is currently before the Court of Appeal.